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Honoring our Past, getting it done on the field and in the classroom in the present.  We call it “TCBin”. 

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Photos on this site (current and past years) are downloadable and free…. just remember me if you need a photographer for family or senior portraits.  I’ll let you know when photos will be posted.

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The Spartan Baseball Program offers multiple awards to players each season:

“V” Award (any player):

The “V” Award is given to players who attend at least 75% of our winter training workouts.  The “V” stands for “Valley” and the “V” is worn on their batting helmets all season.  We average over 30 players at every Winter Workout.  In 2015, 22 players earned the “V” award.  In 2016, 34 players won the award.

“C3” Award (any player):

The “C3” Award is given to players who complete a packet of challenges prior to the season. Sumner Baseball values well rounded athletes, who want to make a difference on the field and in life. The three “C’s” stand for Character, Commitment and Community.  The challenge consists of 10 character challenges, 10 hours of community service, and meeting a list of baseball preparation items.  Players earn a T Shirt to commemorate their completion, and a helmet sticker to wear throughout the season.  This year’s challenge packet is below:

C3 Award Character Challenge 2016

Quality At Bat Award (top statistical player per team):

The Q award is Spartan Baseball’s way to recognize players who excel at our most valued offensive statistic; Quality At Bats.  Quality At Bat percentage is tracked all season and “Q’s” are given to players for at bats that are focused on a more accurate formula of valuing an offensive player than the traditional method of tracking batting average.

Quality At Bat Champions 2015

Quality At Bat Champions 2015 (from left: Cameron Waterman, Nathan Harrell, Ben Wilson)

Spartan of the Year (one player in program per year):

The Spartan of the Year award recognizes the most well rounded Spartan in the program.  Criteria considered are leadership, performance, attitude, perserverance.  The Spartan of the Year award was formed in 2003.  There have been 10 winners, as no winner was crowned from 2006-2008.

Chase Torgison becomes the 10th "Spartan of the Year" award winner

Chase Torgison becomes the 10th “Spartan of the Year” award winner

DIAMOND SPORTS TRAINING CENTER (Our indoor practice home)

Address: 1217 13th St SE, Puyallup


2017 – 18-9 overall record, 2nd place SPSL 4A, State Tournament Quarterfinals – 5th place

2016 – 21-8 overall record, 2nd place SPSL 3A, Regional Champs, State Semifinals – 4th place

2015 – 18-7 overall record, 11-3 league (2nd place SPSL 3A).  District tournament

2014 – 23-2 overall record, 13-1 league (1st place SPSL 2A).  League champion, District champion, 5th place State

2013 – 18-9 overall record.  State Regionals

2012 – State Regional Champs. State Semifinals 2A – 4th Place State

2011 – State Quarterfinals 2A – 5th Place State

Above: Sparts after beating Anacortes in Round 1 of 2011 WIAA 2A State tourney

2010 – State Regionals 3A